Saturday, June 23, 2012

Barbie's Friend - OOAK Steven Doll





They're not all Steven.  Steven essentially became the Black Ken doll.  Or the "friend."  He may have even been Christie's boyfriend or something.  (NOT in my house!)  Christie was Barbie's "First Black Friend." All I know is he takes a mean make over well.  These are just a few of the very fashionable dolls hanging out in my house.  Don't they look happy?


Dene said...

I love these, Victor. I collect Bratz Boyz because they are of unspecified races. And cute-! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous guys-!!!

Victor Hodge said...

Thanks, Dene. I have a whole BIN full of Bratz. I think they're beautiful. (I'm really sorry about the little --- though JUSTIFIED --- rivalry between them.) Somebody told me that Barbie won and they won't make anymore Bratz. Is that true?!? "Can't we all just get along?" (RIP Rodney). The races with the Bratz may be unspecified, but there only seemed to be one black one and he had two braids. I think The Bratz are beautiful. Hot little outfits. I can't wait to have a mega mansion where I can display everyone. Right now, everybody is on rotation.