Sunday, May 6, 2012

Behind The Scenes: Dolls Making Out

One of my favorite drawings of all time is --- "Dolls Making Out."  That and the "Ken Doll."  Here's just a little glimpse into my twisted little mind.  This is what actually goes into putting something like this together.  We've all made our dolls or "action figures" (to keep it butch) kiss or hump at some point.  So, don't judge.  Most of the reference credit comes from the most incredible Ken Doll site of all time.  It is the most extensive site I've ever seen:  Keeping Ken.  The inspiration.  The thoughts.  The research.  The thumbs.  The dolls.  The props. The labor.  All of it.  So, here it is. Raw.  And, admittedly --- wrong.

Brad Doll (Basically, Black Ken before Barbie could have Black friends.)
Big Jack (Friend of Big Jim --- the whole lot of dolls were hot.  Sorry.  Action figures.  Action dolls.  Whatever.  All I remember is there was a lot of Man On Man action in the woods.)

This is how the sketch started out.  I think I always wanted Big Jack and Brad to make out.

These are my hot OOAK (One Of A Kind) dolls, using the Harley Davidson outfits.  These are Steven dolls (the second "Ken" knock off.) Yes.  I made them hot.
 They wanted to kiss.  I had to indulge them.  Who am I to deny them?
 Reference shot.

Thumb #2 New face & Ken Outfits. One didn't make the cut.
Ken (1961), New Lookin' Good (1968), Busy Ken (1968) and Live Action (1968)
One of my dolls made it.  Darius from the Fashion Royalty Line by Jason Wu.
Full Inks
 The final product!!!  Dolls Making Out!!!

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Rayne R. said...

Who knew that there was such a vast number/transformations of Ken dolls. I just read something a few days ago talking about realdoll. They market life sized, male or female customized dolls right down to endowment. It was kinda creepy but giggly school boy at the same time.