Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Trio: JSA


Mt.Trevor said...

This is a sexy ass pic if I must say so myself. I wasnt even looking for anything of this nature but somehow it found me. That Mr. Terrifc is sexy as hell!!! This is a side of our comic book heroes we don't get to see but O how we fantasize!!! Thank you much for your art. That creative genius.

Victor Hodge said...

I have believed this for years, which is why I do it. If the female superheroes can be made to look overly sexy all the time, so can the men. (I'm looking at YOU, Powergirl.). Ever heard of "broke back?". It's when women are drawn so that their titties and ass can be seen at the same time. (It's the male artist being nasty!). In order for the woman, normally a superhero to be splayed out like this, their back has to be broken. Check out the latest Catwoman cover. I think it's the New 52 issue 9. Less is more, pervs.