Saturday, June 25, 2011

Nick Jones Jr - Green Lantern

So, did anybody else know that John Stewart was supposed to be in the Green Lantern movie with super fine Ryan Reynolds? Nick Jones Jr. (Battle Los Angeles) was supposed to play John Stewart, the man destined to also become Green Lantern to fight alongside Hal Jordan. The "black Green Lantern." The John Stewart, who was chosen to be in the Justice League cartoon - something I call "When Good Characters Go Black." Some people only know that version. It would have been exciting to see at least a cameo. Unfortunately, Mr. Fine as Hell - Jones Jr.'s Green Lantern debut must have ended up on the cursed cutting room floor.

I'm a DC Fan Boy. This movie, along with other DC animated movies, was a dream come true. Unfortunately, people seem determined to HATE this movie. I LOVED IT!!!! I have no complaints. But, the "fans" have spoken. I see it as just another strike against Comics To Film. So, congratulations, haters. Probably: No sequel. No John Stewart. No Sinestro. No Star Sapphire. No Hal Jordan. Damn, damn, damn.

In the meanwhile, look at what could have been the finest Green Lantern of all. Nick Jones, Jr. --- John Stewart.
OMG --- this man is FINE!!!!


Anonymous said...

i went to middle school with him back in the day and, Holy Cow, HE IS FINE!!! I am proud to say I went to school with him!

Victor Hodge said...

I am SO okay with "fine." And, that you went to school with him.

Josh said...

In addition to being handsome and FINE he got to meet Neyo. I'm so jealous.

Curio said...

Hopefully he'll be in part II.