Friday, April 22, 2011

Elisabeth Sladen Passes

My heart broke when I heard about the sudden passing of Elisabeth Sladen on Tuesday from cancer at the age of 63. Some of you were privy to my drama, heart break and tears that night. And, I appreciate your patience. No --- Michael Jackson did not move me, but Elisabeth Sladen did! (Sorry, Mike.) Elisabeth Sladen played The Doctor's most famous -- and among the most popular companion, Sarah Jane Smith, a role she began in 1973. After a return appearance in Doctor Who, "School Reunion," Sarah Jane Smith returned with her own series --- The Sarah Jane Adventures. Initially, I thought the show would be corny and I couldn't figure out why she was running around with children, but I thought the show was incredible. She fit perfectly into the Whoverse and was obviously taken seriously by the right people. The show ran four season and I'd heard it was picked up for a fifth. Really. It broke my heart because I had absolutely fallen in love with Sarah Jane and her crew: Maria, Clyde, Luke and Rani. I was totally looking forward to future adventures. But, since the DVD-BBC --- across the pond translation --- system ('series,' whatever you want to call it) is behind ... there is at least another season --- season #4, to look forward to. If you love Doctor Who, I believe you will love Sarah Jane. I will sorely miss you, Elisabeth Sladen. You were amazing --- as a reporter and investigator, Sarah Jane Smith. Or as The Doctor would say, "My Sarah Jane."

The Sarah Jane Adventures
Negotiating with a Sontaran
With Rose Tyler (Billie Piper)
Maria (Yasmin Paige), Clyde (Daniel Anthony), Sarah Jane,
Luke (Tommy Knight)and Rani (Anjili Mohindra)
Team supreme: Sarah Jane, Rani, Clyde & Luke
Sarah Jane not getting the joke with son, Luke and fiance
Luke and his mum, Sarah Jane
The Trickster!!! Boo!!! Hiss!!!
The 10th Doctor (my Doctor) and K-9 in the TARDIS!
Series 3
My Sarah Jane with time travel technology
Clyde, Sarah Jane and Rani
Jo Grant (Katy Manning) and Sarah Jane
The 3rd Doctor (John Pertwee)
The 4th Doctor (Tom Baker)
Rani in trouble!
The SJCrew with Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart (Nicholas Courtney)
The 11th Doctor (the fabulous, Matt Smith) and Jo Grant!


Belasco said...

i came late to Doctor Who and Sarah Jane but even from the one David Tennant episode I caught with her featured, I could tell how much the creators treasured her part in the Doctor Who universe. She seemed to be the most universally liked among the Who-ers (Who-ites?). I'll definitely be checking out her series as well as going back and sampling the old 70s Who episodes (though I must admit, that's an era that's hard to get into if you weren't into it back then...). I just wish I didn't loathe Amy Pond with a passion...sigh...

Victor Hodge said...

Hey, Belasco!!! I came late to The Doctor, too. And, it's funny that everybody I know who watches it, have watched this time travel show out of sequence. Lis Sladen will definitely be missed. I REALLY enjoyed the show. Her loved her continued relationship with The Doctor. Her death was completely unexpected and shocking for me. They film stuff quickly over the Pond and generally have an entire season completed by time it gets here. Maybe (please, please, please) there's something that can be done about season five. Or if anything is going to be done. The 70s stuff? It's interesting looking back now that I know a lot more about it. (Wow. You loathe Amy!!!)