Saturday, March 19, 2011

TV's New Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman finally makes her way back to live action television in a David E. Kelley pilot. I'm reserving judgment. I am excited. And, I am on board. (Based upon what I've heard, I'm hoping it's not Ally McBeal as a CEO vigilante who's just looking for a date. And, please, goddess --- no bullet proof jacket. Please! Please!) Here's the first photo of actress, Adrianne Palicki in costume. It's obviously based on the "new" (current) Wonder Woman in comics.

Annnnd .... I don't hate it.
See the resemblance?
The beautiful Adrianne Palicki
Liz Hurley, who looks stunning, as ... Veronica Cale? Okay.
I would much prefer this version. But, oh well.
A production chair. Exciting!!!!


thegayte-keeper said...

I hope she lives up to the hype!

Jubell said...

I'm excited for anything Wonder Woman cause she's my fav DC heroine (while Storm is my fave Marvel Heroine)

Does that make me a terrible person? I think it does...

Victor Hodge said...

I'm REALLY hopeful. I remember thinking that the concept of "Smallville" was strange ... and Superman with no costume ... was strange. But, it all worked out. I just miss Wondy on TV. (Raven and She-Hulk were always my favorites, but I always had a special place in my heart for Wonder Woman and Superman.) Wonder Woman never got her much needed respect.

Belasco said...

Wow,'s nice to hear someone not instantly hate on this attempt at Wonder Woman. I have high hopes for it. We've had the most perfect casting of WW ever in the form of Lynda Carter. But I'm willing to give this take a try.