Friday, July 16, 2010

Patrick Dancy - Living Well

I didn't know when it would happen, but I always knew it would. Patrick Dancy, my boyhood crush from the 90s --- has surfaced!!! (I made my crush official in this original post.) Patrick J. Dancy was one of the Guys Next Door, a singing and dancing group that also had a Saturday morning skit show. (The other Guys were Damon, Eddie, Bobby and Chris). But, Patrick was the one that kept me coming back. After many posts on this blog (about my art and just ... things in general I like), Patrick has clearly been my most popular post, generating the most comments and excitement. And, I am more than happy to follow up (with Patrick's permission, of course), with a couple of his pictures. It's just to show everyone who's interested that he's looking incredible, sounds like he's living well and having a great times bouncing from coast to coast. (The body is cut up! Your work is paying off.) Thanks for this moment, Patrick. (P.S. When are the Guys getting a DVD so that it can be Saturday morning with the Guys all over again?)
Tight Body!
Next Action Hero? Hollywood?
My Guy Next Door


ÐƎΓΓΛ ƁƎΓΓƎ© The Kewpie Doll said...

i remember him. I was a child but I remember him

Victor Hodge said...

I was a child, too. A grown/young child. ;-0 Silliness aside, Patrick was a good sport about everything. I really appreciate him being a good guy. To Patrick: Thanks. I feel complete because of your generosity. I really did love the Guys Next Door. It was a lot of fun.

sweet_angel_boyz said...

I so loved that show as a teen. I remember meeting GND in 1990 when they were signing autographs at a local department store in Niagara Falls. I think I have my old cassette around here somewhere.. Couldnt help but think of the guys & look them up when my kids were forcing me to watch an episode of 'Big Time Rush' on Nick. Pat looks GREAT and Im glad he's doing well! -Heather