Saturday, February 20, 2010

Doctor Who -- SPOILER

This entry is just one big SPOILER ALERT for fans of Doctor Who. This picture is one gigantic culmination of the Doctor Who universe --- at least, the one I know, which is the new Doctor Who. This pic is from The Stolen Earth, the end of season 4, where everything boiled to a head and it just became too utterly fabulous and the Doctor Who universe exploded and it was biggest, most incredible cross-over. Eventually, I believe, based upon The Doctor Who Specials, this is the last time we'll see any of these characters, especially together, ever, ever, ever again. (Sob!) There's a new Doctor coming and I'm very optimistic. But, I will forever miss the David Tennant -- Doctor. Really. It just breaks my heart. I got the Doctor Who - Specials DVD today and it shows David Tennant just ... walking away. He's giving BACK!!!! I got teary-eyed. I'm SO sappy. Really. Without mention, I love, love, loved the Christopher Eccelston Doctor Who, who was a pleasant surprise to me. Doctor Who was always there in the background of my childhood, on PBS, this bizarre little show with HORRIBLE, low-budget "special effects." I was just clicking by on the TV. (Do any of you remember how you used to have to actually get UP to change the channel? When the TV remote came along my Auntie called it a "clicker.") I remember the curly hair and rainbow scarf Doctor Who. It was creepy ... but, fascinating. So, when I was onboard with the new Doctor, it wasn't until the fourth season with my beloved Catherine Tate (an incredible, INCREDIBLE talent). I can't believe I never saw this show in order!!!! When Torchwood came along (the "spin-off") I decided I wanted to catch it from the beginning since I was so far behind on Doctor Who. And, I fell in love with them. Doctor Who, just like Brenda Starr and the Negros, are projects for this blog that are just TOO much for me to take lightly. So, I'll just say that I will really miss David Tennant with all of my heart. I will miss Rose Tyler. Jackie. Martha Jones. Micky Smith. And, especially, Donna Noble. Especially. I wanted more in The Specials, but I think that's the way it was supposed to be. The great news of Torchwood returning means --- Captain Jack is returning. (Even though, I'm still mad at him after "Children of the Earth.) I'm SO happy to hear that Sarah Jane (Adventures) has a third season which features David Tennant as The Doctor. Whew! Annnnd, if you didn't catch it in the extras, when Rose and The Doctor (who has one heart) went to the parallel universe, The Doctor gave him a plant, a Tardis of his own to grow, to protect that world, (because the Tardis is a living being) means that David Tennant can return at any time. Yea! So, be warned --- you will see just some arbitrary pictures of the Doctor Who series here. Be pleasantly warned.


Ian (Darktomahawk) said...

Victor, I must admit I am not fond of the newest regenerated Doctor who is taking over for David Tennant. He seems just too weird. David just typified everything that said the Doctor!

Oh I loved the old series from childhood. Yes it was weird, but it had that cheesy draw that just made you watch.

With regards to us seeing any of these characters again, well, the Doctor's Universe has often brought back characters long forgotten. I know you're not a fan of the old series, but look how many times Davros was killed off, only to be brought back again, again, and again. I suspect we'll see Mickey, Rose, Sarah, Martha, and Donna again.

Plus if you caught the last special with David, you know they kinda hinted that one Time Lady was a future incarnation of Donna. Hmmmm. Didn't catch that? Oh yeah they implied it several times. Remember Donna is part Timelord now because of the whole situation with the Stolen Earth/Journey's End episode. Again, hmmm.

Finally, Torchwood. I've heard several rumors about where the show may go. There's strong indication that Mickey and Martha (who got married??!?!?) might join up since everyone else except for Gwen is dead. I was so pissed when they kill Ianto off. *sigh*

Would love to debate this further...

Victor Hodge said...

I'm going to give the new Doctor a chance. The trailers look good and I saw a new promo with him and the new companion. I'm sure I'll fall in love. I'm REALLY, REALLY, REALLY going to miss David Tennant. He was too incredible for words. And, honestly, since he and Rose are sitting in a parallel universe and the Doctor (in a deleted scene)gave him his own Tardis grow for that world's protection --- David Tennant can come back at any time. Plus, let's face it, we are dealing with time travel. And, you're right, so many others have come back. (Even though Billie Piper said,"Enough is enough.") I love all of those characters. I'm so glad to see that Sarah Jane is still on a roll. Then, it turns out that K-9 has his own show, so there are a whole bunch of other new characters to meet.

I don't know much about the original series, but I would LOVE to see them and get all of the background.

I almost FLIPPED when you said that Donna was the Time Lady. It would make sense why she kept speaking directly to her grandfather. That is such an incredible idea!!! She is still the Doctor Donna.

Torchwood needs to come back. If Mickey and Martha show up, I really fear for their safety. People there tend to die since Jack can't. Mickey really grew as a character. Ianto? I don't know. It's like there was finally this happy gay couple ready to move on to the next phase of their relationship and it just couldn't happen in TV world. That was also Jack's fault. He needs to make up for all of that.