Sunday, December 13, 2009

Renaissance Fair

Ahhhh, the Renaissance Fair. It's back! Believe it or not, it is SO much fun. I had to come back again this year. Beer, broads, bosoms (a lot), men in tights (yeahhhhh), beer, jousting, performances, magic wands, beer, faeries, wizards, royalty, sharp daggers, goodness and cheer, and ---- you guessed it --- beer! Huzzah!
A brotha with his monkey.
Royalty walking.
My boys hanging out.
Buying honey.
See what happens when your mouth runs too much?
And, you eat too much --- too quickly?
Let the jousting begin!
It gets BRUTAL out there!!!
Believe it or not, it's a tissue box.
My jewels. Yes, mine.
I got what I came for! Now, I need a cloak.
He's had enough.More daggers!!!
Starting out young.
More of my donated jewels.
Yes, the dagger is back.
Cutie jousting host.
Too adorable.


William Hodge said...

I like the dagger. Now lets see you in green tights.

Victor Hodge said...

For now, I'll pass on the tights. Catch me on the right day ...