Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bitchy Queens

We all know them. We all love them. We all hate them. They're bitchy. They're catty. They're messy. They're hateful. They're hilarious. And --- they're back. Coming soon to a BGBF issue near you --- the Bitchy Queens. It's Rayshaun and his foreal posse. His compadres have actually been popping up in the background for awhile, creepily reeking havoc behind the scenes. Too late, folks ... they're herrrreeee! Want to make something out of nothing? Want to blow some shit out of proportion? Want your business spread around? Want somebody to talk about you behind your back and think it's all in fun when you find out? They're more than willing to oblige. Love 'em or hate 'em ... bitchy queens are here to stay --- and JUST because they think they need to keep your life interesting. Sigh. Deep sigh. They never seem to go out of style.


jaded addict said...

Sigh...yeeessss...bitchy queens...they're like tomato worms or garden matter what you do they still show up. I guess all are here for a purpose. Can't wait to see yours in action, I'm sure Neil and the cast may feel a little differently.

Victor Hodge said...

Yeah. I'm sure they'll be "delighted."

Wonder Man said...

love the art, I can see them at the club