Saturday, February 14, 2009

Who's Dat Boy

The first time I ever bought porn --- gay porn --- was traumatic. That particular adventure has been chronicled in Rob Kirby's "Book of Boy Trouble 2 - Born to Trouble." It wasn't so much traumatic, but part of life's little challenges. Or at least, what I perceived to be a challenge. The porn in question? "Who's Dat Boy" with Ty Jones. It was the first time I'd ever seen a black gay man in porn. Now, it was tacky, tacky, tacky (unbelievably BEYOND tacky) interracial porn, but Ty Jones was a gorgeous black brotha. I completely didn't expect to run into it --- and it took me a few days to buy it. Of course, it was horrible. When Rob approached me to do a real life adventure for Boy Trouble, I kind of scoffed. "Click-Download" is what I came up with. You want to see the whole story? Buy it!!! Not only buy it, but read it and enjoy all of the other wonderful artists on board. You'll also witness me with four different hairstyles throughout my entire life. (The 80s were a wretched period for fashion!) Here's a small, small sample. Rob's favorite scene is the last panel.


brohemian said...

LOL - I know just what you were going through! And I, too, was a Ty Jones fan, although the 80s flicks were so, so cheesy! (Did you see the one where Ty plays a masseur and tells the client that he's going to massage him "in a very special way"?) Cheesy, but hot!

Victor Hodge said...

Hey! I can't say that I remember that, but I remember him with Gene Lamar!!! Oh ... as I always say, porn rocks.