Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009 - Wonder Twin: Zan!


Darktomahawk said...


Just wanted to give you a compliment on this superb piece you have going on here. I just discovered your blog and comic site from Belasco's blog. I'm floored! You're a terrific artist. It's inspiring to see gay Black comics, other than some of the steamier ones out there!

With your permission, I'd like to put a link up on my two blogs and do a l'il feature post on your spot. You can find my blogs, "Weilding the Axe" and "Chocolate Salsa" through my profile.

Axe Blog is daily mutterings, ramblings, and such, in my world. Chocolate & Salsa is a visual blog displaying images of men of color (Black, Latino, & Asian). It's not original work, but is tastefully done. C&S does feature nudity, but no graphic sexual content.

Definitely wanna congratulate you on your work and hopefully a link will direct some traffic your way. I'm surprised I haven't seen a link for your blog/comic until now.

Keep up the good work brother. Kudos!

Victor Hodge said...

Wow. Thanks for the compliment. That was definitely something nice to wake up to. A link would be great and I'll do the same for you. I've always loved Chocolate & Salsa because I'm always looking for images of People of Color. I'll check out the other blog, too. But, thanks, Ian.