Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Travis Tucker - Christmas Blessings from Washington, DC

This morning, I discovered a local talent, Travis Tucker on the news singing Donny Hathaway's "This Christmas." I admit it. I didn't know who he was, but he sang beautifully. He was full of personality and spirit. It didn't hurt that he was indeed beautiful. I looked him up and came across some beautiful photos and music on his Myspace page. He was apparently in the fourth season of American Idol. I don't watch Idol. I tried it once. But, once I realized that the career fates of Idol contestants weren't based on actual talent, but the popularity and the ability of a clueless teenage girls to hit re-dial several times on thier phone, I completely lost interest. Travis Tucker was on season 4 ---- and a DC Metropolitan resident!!! Manasas, Virginia. (Manasas isn't that close, but still --- Manasas folks are still considered DC folks!!!) He put out an album on iTunes called "Live" and ---- let's face it ... he's fine. Shout out to Travis. Merry Christmas. His song and blessing were a nice thing to wake up to this morning after I decided not to go to work. (Yes, I'm one of those last minute people.)

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John K said...

If his voice at all matches his beautiful face, he's definitely working with something! Thanks for pointing him out and Merry Christmas!