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Seeing that the new year is coming, I hope to be doing some of this soon.

Where the Boys Are

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So Cool!

As Power Girl's breasts continue to grow and the "new" under-aged Supergirl got sluttier, the comics world had the nerve to get upset because Alex Ross drew Steele from the JSA with a package.
There are more than enough pin-up shots of female superhero out there to satisfy any comic geek's porn lust. It's ridiculous! Let's see how you like it, Hetero World! It's time to objectify the men. I welcome ANYBODY out there to join the band wagon. This is Jakeem Thunder and his amazing T-bolt from the Justice Society of America. He replaced the original Johnny Thunder. Jakeem utters some magic words like "So-cool" and his actual genie in a bottle type superhero appears from a pen that he carries. Watch out Mr. Terrific, Captain Marvel Jr, Luke Cage and Black Lighting. You're all on my list. And you all may end up in a heavy embrace, package comparison or tongue swap!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Juicy Mother 2 - Philadelphia

So, this was the last stop on the Juicy Mother 2 tour. This is from Robin's Bookstore in Philadelphia. Left to right - Diane DiMassa, Dave Hooper, Michael (Get-a-website) Fahy, Fly, Jennifer Camper, Me, Joan Hilty and Ivan Velez. It was a great evening. Even though I'm sure we'll get together for the periodic event, I will miss this gang. They're a great bunch of folks.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Desktop Hotties

Okay ... most of these men, if not all, have graced my desktop.

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